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Point Cloud from V10 pictures. Process Failed

Question asked by William maestre larrad on Sep 18, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2018 by William maestre larrad

Good afternoon,

We are doing a big excavation and I was planning to do some volume calculations using the V10 we own in the company. I planned to take pictures from the surroundings buildings to create a point cloud to be used for the volumes calculation. In TBC I imported the pictures, Adjusted them and finally tried to do the point cloud. This last step never works for me. TBC always shows "Failed" in the "Dense Reconstruction" phase.

In "Options/Point Clouds" I changed the "Rendering memory cache size" to 12GB (my cache is 24GB). Still no joy.

Can anybody out there tell me if I'm doing something wrong or give me a tip?

Below there are a couple of pictures of what I want to survey and of the location of the Photo Stations. The distance between Photo Stations is approximately 10m.