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Agriculture + Businesscenter?

Question asked by Fredrik Bergstrom on Sep 19, 2018
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I know that this might be wrong forum but you guys are great so i start asking here.

I have a friend who just bought a tractor with things on it (look at the picture, i have no idea how to explain it in english ) and it has a really great trimble system installed. He is using it for new drainage systems. 

I know that we can export .shp from Businesscenter and the guys in sweden who works with the Agriculture systems did look at my exports and said that it would work so i can export lines and points that he can use. When he has been using it and creating his own lines the system logs it and he can also push a button for "fence" or "rock". Thats perfect for asbuilt data.  All of the data that he created by him self seems to be located in the folder "planting" (lowest in the hierarchy) and the files i deliver just above that. And if i want to put in a folder with data, anybody knows where to put it?

Does anybody knows a way to import these files into businesscenter? Anybody in this forum that has been working with this before and can help me or tell me where to ask? 


I will attach the folder from the machine here. 


Have a nice day!