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Acutime360, bad event input time stamp

Question asked by Michele Urbani on Sep 21, 2018
I have a problem with my Acutime 360 GPS.
The time stamp of the TSIP 0x8F-AD from the event input does not seem accurate in the fractional second range.
I attached a clear example of the bad accuracy (example.png).
The channel A (blue) is the PPS and the channel B (red) is the input pulse according to the UG (pins 6 and 7).
The TSIP that I received is:
10 8F AD 09 8C 3F EF 9A 7F 9A 7F 9A 80 0F 06 30 13 09 07 E2 0D 01 FF FF 10 03
The fractional second string is: 3F EF 9A 7F 9A 7F 9A 80 converted to double precision: 0.98761 s.
This fraction of second does not correspond to the time elapsed from the last PPS which is roughly 0.25 s (measured with picoscope).
Furthermore in this string it is weird to observe always a repetition of the hex values ( in this case 9A 7F ) ,
this fact maybe could be an indication of something wrong.
The others parameter date and time: hour, minutes and seconds are correct.
I spent a lot of time changing the configurations with TrimbleVTS, doing factory reset etc, but this behavior does not change.
Please, could you help me? Do you have any advice to give me?
Thanks in advance!