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Getting 1PPS output from R10-2

Question asked by Martin Kalafut (Secondary email on Sep 28, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2019 by Danny Nickel

We are integrating one Trimble R10-2 receiver within a complex measuring system containing

several devices (like echosounders, multibeam, ...) from Kongsberg Maritime.


We use the GNSS postion computed by R10-2 through NMEA messages (GGA, ZDA and VTG). We configured the output of GGA, ZDA, VTG to Serial 1/Lemo port as is demonstrated in the attachment (this is a serial line and it works perfectly).


However, the 1PPS TIME TAG is configured on USB port (it cannot be mixed with NMEA messages).

The external equipment expects the 1PPS Time Tag on its BNC connector.


However, we still need the 1PPS TIME TAG to be output. We configured the 1PPS output on the Trimble Port 2 (the port is for USB 2.0 communication).


In the on-line Help for WebGUI is stated that it is possible to stream any data available for streaming in the R10-2 on selected port.


So, we need an USB  COM port to BNC cable convertor (adapter) which would deliver the 1PPS output from USB COM port of Trimble R10, Model 2 receiver to BNC port of coaxial cable connected to an external device that expect the 1PPS information on its BNC connector.


Can anybody give me an advise how to solve it and where could we find such cable convertor ?