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Feature Request - The ability to add surface contours to a site design as a whole entity

Question asked by Patrick L'heureux on Oct 17, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2018 by Alan Sharp

I think that it would be beneficial  within the Field Data/ Design Manager to add surface contours as an entire entity and not individual lines. The reason I say this is because when you update the surface, say it is something that is a work in progress or design build, the contours update and then become "new linework", which they are. They are then disassociated with the design and the user has to go in an re-select the linework and add these back to the design map. 


I think if BC recognized surface contours as an entire entity, you would still get a red dot next to resolve, warning or changes and prompting the user to update, but then the user would not run the risk of losing their surface contours.