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showing a cut fill map on a machine and Rover

Question asked by Joe Boelke on Oct 19, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2018 by Joe Boelke

We have a complex footing and soil stabilization project that we would like to give the operators a visual aid for where the cuts will be before stabilization begins. We're thinking of using a simple hatching pattern to identify the cut areas and are wondering if anyone has a method that they've used to simplify the process. Currently the method we're thinking of is to create an isopach from the comparison surfaces, export and re-import the isopach to convert it from a cut/fill map to an actual surface, then generate a contour at the zero elevation. After that we'd go through and clean out any small or unneeded contour lines, create closed linestrings from the main contours to outline the cut areas and then manually create a hatch pattern by offsetting and trimming lines to the boundaries so they can be exported in a design file. 


This seems like a lot of work to define the cut areas and I'm wondering if: 1> Maybe there's a better way than hatching to provide a visual aid, or 2> There's a simpler work flow for creating the hatching to be shown on a rover or machine.


The picture shows the cut areas we'd like to define.


Thanks in advance