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Naming Inserted Nodes (Utility Module)

Question asked by Matthew Pitt on Oct 19, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2018 by Matthew Pitt

Within the utility module I would like the ability to name a node that I am inserting into a previously created pipe run.


At the moment they are just called 'Break <name of run>' then if you break it again it gets called 'Break <name of run> Break (Break Break) etc.


I use this feature to add on line laterals onto a main run of drainage, create a manhole node for the lateral and a junction node for on the line but if I have multiple breaks on a line it is difficult to pick the right junction node for the appropriate lateral.


The ability to name inserted nodes would allow me to call the inserted node for example 'FM132Junction' so that I know that that junction leads to foul manhole 132.


At the moment I am inserting the node and then I have to drop out of the insert node function into the properties tab in order to name the node, which seems a little long winded.