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Trimble Access 2018.**, file handling system.

Question asked by Peter Løland on Oct 22, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2019 by Rob Koot

Hi everyone.

After using Trimble Access since it was released, and Survey Controller before that, i'm wondering why Trimble left their excellent file handling system, in the 2017.**,  handling the jobs onboard the controller.

In the TsC3 I've organized the file structure so I easily can find the right project, and the right files, even if I have several hundred projects in the system.


This is how I organized it:


-   Customer

      -    Project

            -   Sub project

                  -   Different coordinat system, UTM / NTM / Local, (same project might be in more than one cosys)



And if needed you can extend the tree further on.


As far as I can see you don't have this opportunity in the new version, 2018.**. You are missing the folder sign in the end of the job name field, when you create a new job.


In my opinion, this is a major step back, from a big advantage compared to other file handling systems, like Leica and Topcon. When I talk to Leica and Topcon users they really envy me how easy and straigtforwardly the 2017.** works handling files.



I hope that Trimble do something about this as soon as possible.



Peter Løland