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Company Administration

Question asked by Paul Jennings on Oct 23, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2018 by Abhilash Annadurai



I have been looking into the Trimble Connect company administration and it seems very limited in its set up.


It seems that as a company administrator you can give access to a user at a level of either "Company admin" or "company user". The Company Admin has no idea what these users are using Trimble for as there is no access to projects these users set up unless the admin are invited to it. This could be as simple as a delegated admin forgetting to add a user. 


Ideally we would have a Trimble "super admin" that would have sight of all projects set up on a company server, but also access to projects set up by users from that company. This would also assist in ensuring processes are maintained and for any auditing purposes.


Is this something Trimble can offer or are there other users who would like this or know of a way to create this feature.