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Feature Request - Surface Groups

Question asked by Matthew Pitt on Nov 12, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2018 by Eric Schmeusser

Just wondering if there were any plans to implement grouping systems within the Project Manager/Explorer


I have a project where I have upwards of 180 individual surfaces and could do with grouping them by function (e.g. Houses/Garages, Drainage, Roads, Service Trenches, Retaining/Screen Walls etc.)



At the moment I have to activate each surface individually, it would be useful if I could group them, I realise you can create multiple view filters and swap between them, but as I create new surfaces they activate on every view filter so each time I load up an older view filter I have to deactivate the new surfaces.


Ideally they would come up as a subheader under surfaces with an option to turn on everything in that group similarly to how the surface group itself works.