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Earthwork Reports - Depth Summary

Question asked by Matthew Pitt on Nov 21, 2018

Quick question about how people use the Earthworks Report function and a small feature request.


I use the Earthworks Report function to relay theoretical concrete amounts for our footings, to site (for ordering) and commercial (for billing), using the surface to elevation function, and part of the reports fires out the maximum depth below my set elevation, useful as abnormally large or small values would indicate I have either used an incorrect top of footing level or bottom of footing level.


My question is whether it is possible to get a minimum depth below and above my elevation as part of the depth summary in the Earthworks Report.


A minimum depth below elevation would allow me to check that there is sufficient concrete in the highest parts of the footing without going back into the model and interrogating it.


I dont currently use Site Improvements and subgrades in my footings so wouldn't be able to use the take off tools.


I'm running the Site Modelling Edition with Utilities module.


As a side note, if anyone has a better way to do this, I'm always looking for more efficient workflows.