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Is there a problem with the dynaviews in 5.0?

Question asked by Magnus Bengtsson on Nov 23, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2018 by Magnus Bengtsson

It seems like layers that I turned off in the viewfilter assigned to the dynaview still shows when I print a pdf. The strange thing is that I doesn't show in the plotview. There have been problems before in older versions when dwg-files that I turned to "hide members of" that still turned up in the plotview, but that issue is fixed a while ago. It's the text in the middle. It looks like all 4 different texts shows i the first and then they dissapear one by one until the last view where it looks OK. (I will only post the first and the last)


Thanks for listening/ Magnus

plotview 1

Pdf 1

plotview 4

Pdf 4