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Fail to read an IFC file on Trimble Connect Desktop

Question asked by Olivier Pellegrin on Nov 30, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2020 by Marko Myllymaa


Some users working on TBC are not able to view any IFC model (coming from Revit or Tekla).

They keep getting this red colour on the model tree within the model viewer.

I think that their computers cannot transform an IFC file into a TRB file. (see picture attached, it stays as a in his Trimble Connect cache)


The weird thing is that on my own computer, I have absolutly no problem reading and viewing any IFC file.

Nobody in my team (3 different persons) can read any IFC file in any project.

The only solution we found is to manually copy/paste the .trb files from my cache in their own cache. When this is done, they can open the iFC models...

This is a huge issue for us as we make extensive use of TBC in our BIM projects.

Please help us.

Thanks a lot