Wayne Welshans

Feature Request - Save Reminder Revision

Discussion created by Wayne Welshans on Nov 30, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2018 by George Henry-Schneider

I'd like to request a revision to the current save reminder option.  The problem I have with it is the popup dialogue box always seems to pop up at the most inopportune times leading me to just click cancel and then proceed to forget to save.  I also frequently find myself wondering how long it has been since I last saved.  I really like that it doesn't just automatically save at the specified interval since saves generally take a minute and that would also be very annoying at inopportune times.


My suggestion is a modification to the save icon on the quick access toolbar.  It would be very helpful if immediately after I saved the save icon turned bright green.  Then slowly over the specified time in the options, the icon fades from green to yellow to red.  Then when the specified time is reached the save icon begins blinking red and doesn't stop until I either click save or turn off the option.  This way I can get a rough idea of how long its been since I saved by looking at the color, and if the exact second that the save reminder comes up I am not at a good saving point, I will still be reminded by the blinking save button instead of clicking away a popup and then forgetting anyway.


If the save icon isn't possible, maybe it could be a progress type bar displayed in the bottom status bar of the program.


Also maybe there could be a check box in the options to have it automatically save at the specified interval rather than displaying a reminder.  When working on a smaller project, saves happen very quickly and are not disruptive so it would be helpful to have the autosave feature there in those cases.