Trim/Extend by Total Distance

Discussion created by BEN VITALE on Dec 4, 2018
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I would like to request a trim/extend line by total distance. 


TBC in is current format requires additional steps to be taken in order to get to the end result.

1.) Select the line to find out its existing length.

2.) Grab your calculator and do an add or subtraction from the proposed total length.

      * Example existing line is 149.97' and the proposed length should be 97.33', therefore a difference of 52.64', maybe its just me but I can not do this subtraction in my head.

3.) Next step is to enter the 52.64' under the horizontal distance

4.) Final step is to select the line to be trimmed/extended


My idea is for a macro where you would input the "PROPOSED" total distance of line segment

1.) Type in the distance (proposed total in the end result)

2.) Select the line that would be trimmed/extended via where you place the cursor but also allow the macro to be smart enough to know the midpoint of that line. Whichever side of the midpoint, of that selected line, that the cursor is placed becomes the side of the segment that gets trimmed or extended to achieve the total length of that segment.  The reason for this is so that we do not always have to goto the end of the selected line in order to determine which end gets trimmed/extended.

3.) Simple and no math is involved.


If you need more clarification please let me know.