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Feature Code processing - Match Properties

Question asked by Nathan Sellers on Dec 6, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2019 by Lachlan McKinnon

I am using Windows 10 and TBC 5.0.  If I have a code that is in a line string generated from its feature code, but is lacking some attributes I can use the "Match Properties" command to match the attributes from a point with the same code and the correct attributes.  When I do this the point is disassociated from the feature code processing if I unprocess the file and reprocess or recompute the project. I say it is disassociated because it is no longer associated to any linework and is on the default point layer "Points" instead of the layer dictated by the FCL.  If I add a letter to the feature code, unselect the point, select it again and delete the letter it will be recognized and re-associate as it should. Has anyone else experienced this yet?