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Question asked by Olivier Pellegrin on Dec 11, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2019 by Olivier Pellegrin


I just want to raise 2 problems I am having on TCD, maybe you have a solution for them:


1/ In the "View" environement, whenever I click on "Model Selection" to add IFC to my view, all the Data tree expand by itself. We have a lot a folders and it takes some time and it is not user friendly to scroll down to the desired ones. It would be better to just have the main parents folders shown by clicking this button.

2/ Is there a way to directly open several models from (just like in TC on the internet browser)? The only I found is to first open 1 model and then go on "Model Selection" to tick the IFC box I want to see, Is this correct?

3/ Sometimes, the "New model Available" annotation is shown even if I have got the last version already pictured in my view. It could make people wonder if they work with the correct version of the model wich is crutial! If I click on this New Model Available button, it disappears and then appears again like 1 second after..


yes I lied there are 3 problems

Here are some captures to describe what I am saying.

Thank you, overwall, It is a very nice tool!