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How do you establish a new control point using a GPS?

Question asked by Stewart Agnew on Dec 14, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2018 by Matt McLean

This question is referring to points to be used for carrying out surveys where an accuracy of +/- 1mm is not required; I assume the procedure would be similar if the control were to be used for setting out activities but you would tighten up the points with traverses/level loops post establishment.


I've been on jobs in the past where I have had to establish additional points kilometers apart by using an existing control point (X, Y, Z) i.e. Set up a base station over the known point then use a rover unit to record a point further away > point becomes the new base and repeat. Unsure if this considered 'best practice' but it has worked for lengths of <20km where I have managed to tie into existing control points at the start/end of the run.


Question is: If i'm standing in a field in the middle of nowhere - can I establish a new control point by tying into the GNSS network and measuring my position? If yes - what's the procedure? I've trawled through the internet but can't actually find anything so it's either a trade secret or I'm searching for the wrong keywords.