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Windows 10 PC running TBC 3.61 can't export JOB file into TSC7 controller

Question asked by Chris Endozo on Dec 18, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2018 by Heinz Peter Lichtenberg



Our company has recently purchased a TSC7 controller. However, we are still using TBC 3.61 on our Windows 10 PCs and the controller is using Trimble Access 2017.


Originally, we could plug in our TSC3 controllers, and through Windows Mobile Device, TBC could recognize the connected controller, and we could export JOB file directly into the device.


Now, with the TSC7, using a male to male USB 3.0 cable, the computer doesn't see the device at all. This is further seen when TBC doesn't recognize any connected devices.


We've resorted to exporting the JOB file into a TSC3 controller, then export the job into a thumb drive. Finally, we would have to import the job file from the thumb drive into the TSC7. Very frustrating we have to take this approach.


I've tried to export the JOB file from TBC directly into a thumb drive and then into TSC7, but it says the JOB file is an "invalid" file and the upload fails. Same approach has been tried using Trimble Connect.


Does TSC7 (with Trimble Access 2017) require a specific "type" of a JOB file that can only be produced when going through a TSC3?


Has anyone else run into this problem? Is there an easy fix using our current software?


Thank you,


Chris Endozo, PE