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Is there a setting that can be changed to get the Corridor Earthwork Report to properly account for a station equation?

Question asked by Jason Harris on Dec 18, 2018
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In the project I am currently using, the alignment has one station equation that is at 489+89.947 BK and 491+74.083 AH.  With the station equation accounted for, the total station range for the project is 479+00:1 to 506+00:2.  When the Corridor Earthwork report is processed the total station range is from 14+89.95:1 to 506+00:2; instead of 479+00:1 to 506+00:2.  There is an additional 46,400 feet being used in the calculations and causes erroneous data. I have tried various beginning station ranges in the report and each time it starts at station 14+89.95:1.  It appears as if the beginning station being selected is the BK station manipulated with the number 1 in front.  I have worked around this by processing the report per zone.  This produces the correct numbers, but two separate reports.  I would prefer to have one concise report.