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Curved Lines defined by an FXL not truly curved in TBC?

Question asked by Andrew Barclay on Dec 27, 2018

I have an FXL file that I created that allows for curved lines to be surveyed and drawn in TBC. The lines look curved in Access, they come in to TBC and after processing the feature codes, appear to be curved, but when I "explore object" I don't get any curve information, and when I export this as an AutoCAD file, it uses the settings in the "project settings/computations/surface", and adds points to the linestring and makes them all small straight segments. When I export the points of this line as a .csv (and with a small edit to the codes between the PC and PT) and import it to Terramodel, use the command "create linework from points" it creates a set (linestring) through all of the surveyed points, as well as creating radius points. I understand that surfaces (ttm) are triangular faces with no curved sides, but is anyone aware of a way to maintain the measured lines arc during export, as well as the attributes?


I don't understand how a Trimble software that hasn't seen any updating since 1998 can achieve this and a "more sophisticated" and "more powerful" Trimble software cannot.

I have attached the TBC project, my FXL, the Terramodel .pro, the AutoCAD file exported from TBC and the edited .csv


Can someone help me to either figure this out, or explain the reasoning behind this issue please.