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Computer RAM Memory Resource Usage

Question asked by George Henry-Schneider on Jan 3, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2020 by Shaune Dorron

I’ve been talking to my computer builder about a newer machine for TBC. I frequently reread the blog Alan posted mid November with some thoughts on “Buying a New PC to run TBC v5.” From what I read the consensus was more RAM would speed things up on larger jobs. I currently have two Windows 10 Pro computers I use. Both have SSD for storage and i7 CPUs. One is a three year old desktop with 16GB of RAM and the other is a newer Dell Precision mobile workstation with 32GB. I setup both to process the same DWG file with over 90,000 exploded objects. There is nothing else of consequence running in the background. I’m using the graphical part of Task Manager to observe the resources being used. While running Data Prep the 16GB computer uses 3.4-3.7GB and the 32GB uses 5.1-5.2GB. My computer builder said there is diminished benefits to increasing memory. In this case having double the memory only added another 50%.


During the processing the CPU would occasionally max out one or two of the cores. At other phases of Data Prep most of the cores would be in use. 


They both have different GPUs that when closely observing  a surface in 3D view would use 100% for a brief period.


I’ve decided to use an i7-9700K start out with 16GB of fast DDR4 3000 RAM, a fast SSD and an RTX2060 video card when they come out in a few weeks.


Has anyone observed how much RAM their computers are actually using during processing?