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Precise corridor earthwork report stationing.

Question asked by HENRY ADAMS on Jan 7, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2020 by Alan Sharp

Corridor Earthwork Report has the calculation option to include horizontal and vertical points into the report.  If precise stations of interest are needed they can be added into either alignment body and the needed station is added to the report.

When the report is generated it will then have to be edited to clear the unnecessary data which eats away the clock.


In the Drafting module under Cross-section Locations the option to Use additional locations can be used to add the precise stations desired and can be labeled with cut/fill areas.  This will give the areas at the precise locations desired but again eats the clock when manually keying in data to create the desired corridor earthwork report.


In the Corridor Earthwork Report under Calculation Options.  It would be nice to have another option (Include Drafting Locations)

Please advise if there is another way to achieve the desired report locations.Corridor Earthwork Precise Station Request