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Legend, is there some predefined colour mapping to download?

Question asked by Fredrik Bergstrom on Jan 7, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2019 by Patrick L'heureux

Hi all!


For the C/F maps, is there som predefined color mapping to download? 

We have made some but maybe there is some already done. 

For example when colorising a isopach wich is from -5m to +10m and i want to have changes every 50cm. 

Of course we can do this by our self (and we already have) but if there is more to download and we dont have to do the that would be better. 

I also think that other than us is better to get the colors right and good looking.


Here is the ones that we are using Dropbox - Color ladder - Simplify your life 


and if you want to share yours with us please let me know. 


Have a great day!