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Dynamic Modeling - Takeoff to Surface Model

Discussion created by Patrick L'heureux on Jan 9, 2019
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One of my goals this winter is to try and keep as many objects dynamically linked as long as possible throughout the takeoff/modeling process. This will help when there are changes from the engineer, situational changes, or if we need to make accommodations for material (increase/decrease cut and fill). I think this will make re-running takeoff quantities a lot easier and quicker. I had this happen to me on a subdivision project a couple weeks ago where the typical cross section change. Traditionally, this would have taken me a while to manually tweak everything but because I used the corridor function, the changes were a fraction of the time and I felt confident that I did not miss something. 


I have attached a small project below that I feel is a good project to test out because there is a good mix of modeling objects without being to overwhelming. I was able to model this very quickly using the corridor tools and intersection function. Two sections that I was not able to dynamically model where the cul-de sacs. When I tried to model the curb and sidewalk all the way around the cul-de-sac, the linework did not match like it should because it was offsetting the features perpendicular to the alignment and not to the previous feature (which I totally understand why). 


I think the create side slope tool will help with this. The create side slope tool is a very useful feature because it does the same thing as the corridor tool without as much leg work. In the future I would like to see either an addition to this command or a new command that is just as easy to start and use the template but stays dynamic. Currently the tool acts more as a very efficient way of offset (which is great, so please don't interrupt that as being negative). I think a combination between the current capabilities and the surface tie would be great where this side slope acts more like a surface.   


One of the issues is that if my reference line changes horizontally or vertically, I need to rerun the command and make sure I have saved the previous templates. I do not have the ability to change this linestring dynamically once the command has been performed. 


**Correction:The side slope linestrings do update dynamically  when the source reference line is updated.


For now, I am going to take the 3D breakline around the cul-de-sac, create an alignment from this and apply my templates. I think this will be a suitable work around. 


There may be a better way of doing this and if so please let me know. Thank you!