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My CAD Cross Sections Will Not Convert to Stored Cross Sections - Why?

Question asked by Alan Sharp on Jan 9, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2019 by Fredrik Bergstrom

This question came in yesterday, and I thought I would share a video of the work process required - as with all these things and with CAD Files in general, there are always issues that you have to work out and you also have to understand the data and what could be going wrong. 


The issue was that the customer imported a DWG File of CAD Cross Sections and an alignment (drawn as a CAD line), and they wanted to use the Convert CAD Cross Sections to Stored Cross Sections process, yet when they tried it it failed to work for them - the question is then "Why Does It Not Work" and "How Do I Solve This Type Of Issue".


The answer follows ...