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Issues with identifying a site region

Question asked by Patrick L'heureux on Jan 18, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2019 by Patrick L'heureux

I am running into issues with running the identify site region on a sidewalk area. I am not sure why. Everything appears to be setup correctly. One of my theories is maybe it is because of the arc.


I checked:

  • to make sure that I did not have overlapping linestring.
  • Gaps were reasonable
  • gap tolerance in Project Settings/Computations/Takeoff
    • I have this set at .05 currently but I also tried .15 with no difference to the area in question



It will work if you elevate the line but I do not always elevate my takeoff lines, especially in this case because I used a corridor to 3D model this portion. I will now run the risk of having to update this line if the corridor updates. 


I could use a drape line elevating it based on the finished design surface but I feel like this is kind of eerie because you are creating a reference within a reference to form the end goal. Loop de loops. It is kind of like a nested IF statement in coding. It can work but it can also mess you up.


Use view "Takeoff".


Thank you!


Locus Map:


Problem Area:



Working with line elevated: