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Why do "Local Sites" not appear in SCS900?

Question asked by Sam Williams on Feb 5, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2019 by Steve DiBenedetto



I am trying to upload a custom coordinate system to SCS900, following the excellent advice form Miguel in the previous post I have generated a site calibration in TBC using the base OS coordinate system and have saved it as a site to the coordinate system manager.


My question is when the coordinate system file is uploaded to the DC the 3 "Local Sites" shown in the attached are clearly visible inside Trimble Access under a [USER SITES] tab, however in SCS900 this does not exist. Why are the 2 software reading this differently? Is there an easy was to get SCS900 to see the "Local Sites" tab or is there a way to copy a custom coordinate system to the "Coordinate Systems" tab?


Any Ideas?


I do feel better integration between Access features and SCS900 features would be the way forward.