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TBC - Siteworks - Access - Best Practices

Question asked by Marshall Cant on Feb 7, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2019 by Marshall Cant

First, I do hope this is the correct forum to post this. I cannot find a forum (or any place else) to ask questions and receive answers about Access specifically.


Here's the situation: We have used SCS900 since forever. We now are going to move to Siteworks. SCS900/Siteworks does not support the use of the SX10. That means having to use Access.  I have read through both the Siteworks and the Access 2018 user guides this week (700+ pages) and I cannot figure out how the two can work together easily.


1) Siteworks maintains a folder structure that 'passes' the site map, control, site calibration to all designs and work orders as the project progresses. This can amount to hundreds (or more!) 'work orders' over the course of a project. Siteworks file system maintains the integrity of the data structure.


2) Access (please correct me if I am wrong and missing a step) utilizes a Project folder to hold the site map, control points etc but does not pass the calibration/control data to individual job files within the same project? It seems to be a manual process each time you create a new "job". (Is this correct?) It also has no mechanism that I can find to sync up multiple controllers so that each has the same data (designs etc). The manual references "editing xml system files" to make them available in other controllers via copy and paste but I cannot find another way to do it.


3) Access creates each "job" as a file, and not a folder. Does this mean that every job's data has to be exported manually  and, if so, what is the best way to track that?


So, given that Siteworks and Access have fundamentally different data structures what is the best practice for coordinating their use through TBC over the course of a project?