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Can you use multiple materials for fill on Takeoff?

Question asked by Corbitt Shoffner on Feb 8, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2019 by Alan Sharp

First let me say that Takeoff is not my speciality.  Is it possible to run a takeoff that shows the quantities of separate materials for fill for an embankment or berm?  I've attached an example below where we would be building a berm made from multiple materials that has an irregular bottom and sides.  It is possible to build a FD model and OG model, but you cannot apply a simple region with a material because the material depths are not consistent.  A site improvement can have multiple materials, but again, the thickness of each material is not uniform.  Is there a way to use the takeoff module to compute this?  Or would you just make separate surfaces for each layer and run surface-surface earthworks reports?  Would the answer change if the berm was a single material and not layered?  Thanks.Simple berm detail