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Master Alignment not available in EW-design

Question asked by Lasse Hanberg on Feb 11, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2019 by Lasse Hanberg

Having some issues getting a Master Alignment added to an Earthworks design through BC-HCE.

Was sent some data from a customer - a XML containing an alignment, and a XML containing a road surface.


Exporting as a Road Surface, the alignment is not selectable in Horizontal Guidance in Earthworks.

I then did a test, just creating 3 lines to make a road surface, and a simple CL and doing the same export. This time it worked (attached EW-data Stationeringstest.rar - unfortunately didnt save the VCE) and Master Alignment is selectable.


Now I'm trying to replicate it, but simply cant get it to work. I've attached a VCE (ownData.vce) where I did same as above, but not Master Alignment.


I cannot import the exported data that is working. Is there some special trick to get this to work that I did accidentally? Should be fairly simple?


Adding the alignment as part of the design map isnt a solution, as it begins in stationing +100