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TSC7 Backsight Error Issues

Question asked by Greg Pucher on Feb 11, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2019 by James McWha

TSC7 Backsight Error Display Issue: I was performing a backsight and after taking the shot, my errors displayed in the bottom right part of the screen. I did not store the shot; I abandoned the measurement due to the error unacceptable (too high). I forgot to write these error #'s down (both Horizontal and Vertical). I needed to know what these errors were for my field notes.  I then re-measured for my backsight, and after the total station took the shot, the error box at the bottom right part of the screen now did not display the error, nor was I able to toggle through the display (small grey box with a triangle pointing to the right). However, following the second backsight shot there were 3 items displayed in the error box this time. H (Deg,Min,Sec), V (Deg,Min,Sec) and the Distance. 


How do I get it to display my Delta H, And Delta V, as it previously did? Why would it have changed suddenly and without modifying any display settings? Why would it not show me all the previous info such as Slope Dist, %'s etc.?


I did exit out of the software and rebooted the TSC7. I was met with the same issue (no Delta H or V) after re-opening the software, and re-entering all info for the same backsight setup and taking the backsight shot. 


Thanks in advance for your assistance,