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Requesting a Cross Section Editor for drafting surfaces from point clouds

Question asked by HENRY ADAMS on Feb 12, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2019 by Alan Sharp

Cleaning up point cloud data can become time consuming depending on terrain.  Generally in the sites that we fly our drone the surface is bare earth.  During the growing season or summer months the site condition can develop shrubs/grass/water and so on.  When producing cross sections from a surface that hasn't been cleaned up to remove the spikes in data, the bad data is easily viewed in the cross section viewer and 3D view.  When cleaning up the cloud data it's easy to miss something that is picked up when the surface is created.  At that point it can become a chore in continued editing of the data.  The ability to edit the cross section data only would be a huge enhancement. The option to reduce the quality of the surface by increasing the sample size of the CAD or cloud data helps but isn't a complete fix.