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SX10 Not Turning On Properly

Question asked by Katie Patterson on Feb 13, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2019 by Katie Patterson

My SX10 sometimes immediately shuts off, otherwise it thinks it is connected to something when it actually isn't.


The SX10 was working fine yesterday, but this morning when I would try to turn it on, it would immediately shut itself off (solid yellow light for a few seconds, about a second of rapid blinking, then off). I changed the battery. Now sometimes it immediately shuts off, but sometimes the power light is a solid yellow (thinking it's connected to something) without it being connected to anything. I am unable to change states, like to get it to search for a wifi connection. It is NOT connected to anything via USB or to Trimble software via wifi or anything else. It will not connect via USB or internet to a previously working SDK application. It will not connect to a Trimble Tablet with Access, even via USB. Both the desktop and tablet recognize that the USB is Trimble, however.


You know how when you turn it on it takes a second or two and then makes a noise? Kind of like robot whizz or whir? It's not doing that.


I have 2 other SX10s that have no issues, so I know that the tablet and computer program aren't the problem (barring something crazy).


Is there a way to do something like a factory reset? Any other solutions?