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Accuracy in centimeters with SDK

Discussion created by Max Desplanches on Feb 15, 2019
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Hello everyone,


I am using java SDK on mobile.


The accuracy is not below 38 centimeters (Catalyst precision subscription) with SDK, and it is rare to success to go to this value.


But with the official app "Trimble mobile manager" goes faster to go around 3 centimeters (same catalyst account), from the same place.


I was in "Jardin du Luxembourg" in Paris to do the tests, no building, no three around the main fountain.


Google Maps 


To you know, even if it is the case, the SDK have less performance than the official app ? Or maybe I am doing something wrong ? (I used apk named "JCatalystFacadeDemo-debug.apk", and the implementation in our app)


Thanks you in advance,