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Resection is inconsistent with 0 backsight Observations

Question asked by DeWayne Manon on Feb 18, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2019 by DeWayne Manon

Hi all, my question is: Where do I go to change the settings for a Resection? I am playing around with Panoramic photos and took 3 panoramic of my site. 2 were taken on Typical Station setup, I didn't have good geometry or overlap of the photos to get good data so I setup, Re sectioned, and took a panoramic to cover the gap.  when i import the .job into TBC I get 1 warning "The station setup at 901 may be wrong. Standard Resection is inconsistent with 0 backsight observations"  the residuals of the Resection where 0.002 x 0.002. I believe the setup is just as good as a standard setup (Occupy/Backsight).


because of the error above I can not bring the 3rd panoramic into the station view to see how Panoramas can help me in the future .