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I think that I am up to date - if not let me know

Discussion created by Alan Sharp on Mar 1, 2019
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I believe that I have pretty much caught up on the Forum questions - please let me know if I have not answered or followed up on a question that you have posted and I will get to it next week


Right now I know that I owe you a response on the following


1) Tom Maurelio - I promised to record a video of the steps to create a Drawing Template from your DWG File import - I am going to tackle that next

2) Marshall Cant - I owe you the response on using Access and SCS900 / Siteworks together - apologies - I have to go through a bunch of emails and my notes and need to find a half day or so next week to write that up

3) The Two Trench question - I have been playing with that some and will post something on that next week


Fred - I also owe you a response on the Colored Surface issue where your Pads show up with different shading


Plotting resolution - that is in progress right now - I hope to have a fix for that next week to look at.


Otherwise please flag where I may have missed something along the way