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Question asked by Adebisi Rasheed Abiodun on Mar 3, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2019 by Adebisi Rasheed Abiodun

I have been using TBC for years for GNSS processing, but my company recently acquired a Trimble C3 Total station, ahead of a project.

I have successfully acquired data with the equipment and taken the data into TBC for traverse processing, however the adjusted results from TBC are outrageously off. I know this because the same points have been surveyed with a Leica total station and computed using LISCAD. Also, the traverse has been computed using a third software.

The unadjusted coordinates on TBC are closer to the true values, but as soon as the traverse is adjusted on TBC, the values go haywire.

I do all initial setups (Project Settings) before bringing in the data.The Total Station Editor also shows the angles were logged crrectly.

One thing I notice in the TBC result is that it adjusts the coordinates of the first control point (which is the first Instrument Station). This  point is not supposed to be adjusted as I have input its coordinates and that of the first reference point (which are the two controls for the job), and tagged the coordinates as controls