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TBC 5.0 PRO Road Surface Export Issues

Question asked by CAMERON TOMKINS on Mar 6, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2019 by CAMERON TOMKINS



We have been seeing a problem in the PRO exports from "Road Surface" when re-importing them into TBC. Please view the photo below. In green is the corridor surface and in red is the PRO when re-imported into TBC. I've also attached the Alignment as a xml, the corridor surface as a xml, and the PRO that we are having problem's with.


What we are seeing a horz shift to the line strings, as well as vertical profile bumps present as well. 


Any help would be appreciated. We had thought this problem was with RXL's only, however we are now seeing similar issues with the PRO's. Any advice or further testing would be appreciated. If any other files are needed or a better breakdown of our steps would help please let me know.