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Coordinate System Transformation

Question asked by Marshall Cant on Mar 6, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2019 by Marshall Cant

I hope this is the right pace to ask a question like this.


I have been given a "local" coordinate system (see screen shot "Coord System") showing the parameters used to go from UTM (Zone 11 N, Canadian Geoid HT2 etc) to this local system.


I have done some data prep on this project and I want to shift the local back to the UTM so that I can use Google Earth to underlay the alignment etc.


I cannot seem to duplicate the transformation. If I use Transform Survey Points I can only get a transformation if I do multiple point pairs. That moves the points exactly but the other factors such as X,Y,Z rotation, scale factor, and shift do not match what I was given. I tried 5 parameter, and 7 parameter but (I am assuming ) since all fields are "0" for rotations etc it doesn't work.


If I use a simple Move/Rotate/Scale it seems to work but the scale factor is rounded down to 6 places so the final result is a bit 'off'.


Am I missing something, or just going crazy from too much data prep this last week, lol?


I have attached the data as two CSV's and a screenshot of what I was given.