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How do I create a Sideslope with a slope based on the slope of another element?

Question asked by Alan Sharp on Mar 7, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2019 by Wayne Welshans

This question came in this am by email and I thought it was capturing the response here so that if anyone else has the same issue, here is a workflow to achieve what they were requesting


Customer had a Drone Survey of a Project Area for the existing terrain. They had a design model for some roads on the project, and they had to create a sideslope to the Drone Survey Surface from the Verge String which was 45 degrees greater than the cross slope  between the Top Back Of Kerb and the Verge string. i.e. they had to add 1:1 slope to whatever existing slope they had between the 2 design strings. i.e. if the Cross Slope between the strings was +5% then the sideslope would be 95% and if the cross slope was -3% then the sideslope would be -103% etc. The question posed was "How Do We Do This or is it even possible?"


Here is a diagram they provided note the 135 degree angle is the same as a 45 degree addition to the cross slope between CR08 and VR08 strings. The Black Line was the desired Fill Sideslope to the Drone Survey Surface.


See the answer on how to do this below