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L2180 for Reach Staker malfunction

Question asked by Oswaldo Garcia on Mar 11, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2019 by James McWha

Hello everyone,


Lately, we tried to calibrate a L2180 system installed on a Kalmar 450 reach staker (cap. of 45 tons). When calibrating using a reference weight of 7 tons aproximately the process went right. Later, when choosing a different container to weight (20 tons) the system showed quite mistaken results ( 3 tons error). 


Then, we adjusted the weight using a 20 tons container and the results weightning the heavy containers (22- 24 tons) were ok (+/- 50 or 60 kg), but when weightning the lighter ones, the system showed significant errors again. For a 3.5 tons container the system displayed 7 tons.


Has anyone experienced something similar, if so, could you give us an advice or hint on what can be the problem?


We noticed that while the machine was resting the sytem diagnostics displayed a considerable difference between pressure readings of each side (attached file). Plus, we could tell that when lifting a 11 tons container the machine slows down the speed and inmediatly after, when the machine reachs the weight zone the system displays a speed change label and doesn´t take the weight reading.


Could it be a transducer problem or the relays box? Any help would be greatly appreciated.