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Utilities - tutorials?

Question asked by Patrick L'heureux on Mar 13, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2019 by Patrick L'heureux

Are there any tutorials for TBC's utility module? I have gone through Mike Carris's Utility title on Retrieve and that is good but I feel like it is more of an overview and on the more basic side.


I feel comfortable creating nodes, pipes, runs and network. I now want to take it to the next level and use this for estimating, pay requisitions and value engineering.


What I want to work on and what I am looking for:

  • Creating advanced templates
    • conditional side slopes
      • trenches in ledge
      • this is a big one for us. Lots of ledge in the granite state
    • benching
  • Takeoff Report
    • Strata Surfaces
      • Do I use the strata surfaces in takeoff or in corridor?
      • How do I set these up?
      • Do I have to create them from boreholes or can I select a preexisting surface and assign it as a strata
        • I know this is a hot topic in general
      • Using strata obtained from an engineering or from estimating
    • Separating runs for phased work
      • Onsite, offsite
      • Phase 1,2, 3
  • Advanced node modeling
    • Modeling node sumps
    • Modeling node castings
      • Frame and Grate
      • Frame and Cover
    • Both sumps and casting will effect the vertical footage of your structures
  • General workflows to make life easier
    • Setups for success
    • Taking LandXML data from an engineer and generating quantities
      • Design-Build situations
    • Using LandXML data to check quantities
      • Design-Bid-Build. Making sure quantities are correct
    • Cleaning up LandXML data received from and engineer or another party
    • Relayering to users common layer groups
      • Similar process to standardizing for takeoffs


I will try to add videos as I come across specific issues or questions.