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Trimble R4-3 does not log static meas.

Question asked by Anastasios Vidouris on Mar 15, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2019 by James McWha

Trimble R4-3 antennas used to auto log static data at power up.

But by the time i did a full reset it stopped.


GPS configurator does not connect to it so i can not use it. Next to pressing the Connect button it shows a small empty window and i have to terminate the application by force.


So i use Configuration Toolbox v

I do full Reset Receiver (both Erase options checked).

I get the Current.cfg. The factory file that can not be deleted and is restored after each full reset.


At File i check applied immediately, Stored in receiver (as auto power up file), Reset to defs bef.applying.

General/Meas.rate is factory set to 10hz.

I add Log. Set Meas. & Pos. logging rate to 10sec, enable auto logging and Log received corrections (there is no Enable automatic deletion option although it is mentioned at Help/Logging page). No file name (tried also setting one).

I transmit the file.

Next i Get file again and check that all power_up.cfg settings are applied as i did above.

Although not needed (since i have checked the File/Applied immediately option) i activate the power_up.cfg.

I restart the antenna and no logging takes place.


Trimble Installation Manager does recognize it but it does not configure it.


Any ideas ?