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Utilities - Trench Template Import/Export

Question asked by Patrick L'heureux on Mar 19, 2019

There needs to be a cleaner way of exporting a trench template from one project to another. I watched Mike Carris's trick on this. Basically:

  • Export out the run with the desired trench template as a vcl
  • Import the vcl file into the desired project
  • delete everything you don't need


In theory this sounds easy but you gain everything that is associated with that vcl; surfaces, plan sets, etc. The user then has to go in and delete all of the extra stuff that came along with the vcl. This runs the risk of bringing in bad data. 



There needs to be an import/export similar to the import export for corridor templates. enhancement request or the ability to use vcl as an export and only export the template. Perhaps a VCL export window with check boxes on entities to be exported.


My intention is to create several standard templates that I can load into my project template and then I can use these as starting points for my more intricate trenches as I come across them within a project using the copy function within the Trench Template Manager.