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Why does feature linework not draw in point number order?

Question asked by James Barnett on Mar 26, 2019

When we combine multiple jobs files and send out a single job file with all the points the linework jumps.


point 31101 (edge of asphalt)

1549 ea      Inverse between 31101 & 1549 = 3629ft

1550 ea      

1551 ea      Inverse between 1551 & 1550 = 17ft

31107 ea     Inverse between 1151 & 31107 = 3589ft --- 31101 & 31107 = 61ft

1552 ea       Inverse between 31107 & 1552 = 3601ft --- 1551 & 1552 = 12ft


This makes no sense. These codes should link up due to point order or distance. My only thoughts is it wants to process it like it is a text file due to the order it was created, but why would TBC order the points that way? If you expand the job in the Project Explorer tree under imports you can see that when TBC exported these points it placed them in this order so the linework is processed in the random order also.


Why on earth would the export do this, and that the feature processing isn't done in point number order?