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Orthophoto & plotting problems

Question asked by Fredrik Bergstrom on Apr 1, 2019
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Maybe someone can answer this.

We have a big problem, we have 17 orthophotos in a project (created with Agisoft) and 2 of them shows up like the picture below. With a white frame on top of my google erth picture. ALL of the 17 photos are exported at the same time and in the exact same way byt 2 of the shows up with a frame in TBC. Does not matter what i do. And when we use a border around those 2 the plotting goes crazy. In the plan view it looks like the orthophoto is on top but in the plotview its the other way around and in the plotted pdf is the other way around again. And when we try to use boarders it goes worse. Then its showing the google earth pictura in some places and not in others. Going crazy here....:(  

Anyone that can take a look at the orthophotos and see why its a frame around one of them? Thanks.

Dropbox - Ortofoto 10.tif 

Dropbox - Ortofoto 11.tif 

Dropbox - Asplången-Mem 2019-007.jpg