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Permanent delete/clean Cloud Segmentation Tool

Question asked by Ronan Kelly on Apr 4, 2019
Latest reply on May 10, 2020 by Dmitry Vodianytskyi

Realworks needs a pre-registration cleanup tool (i.e. permanent delete of noise/traffic etc). Basically looking for a permanent delete/ clean cloud segmentation tool to use in registration mode. Preference would be station by station but also cleaning the registered cloud would be helpful also. The main issue currently is that if you have segmented out noise from the project cloud at any stage, it is only a temporary delete. When in production mode and extracting solids I will regularly need to bring removed points from extraction back by right clicking on the project cloud in the list and select "get all points" which does as it says including any noise cleaned out (making the process of cleaning up cloud pointless). Clean by segmentation tool in registration mode that on accepting would permanently remove that segmented cloud (never be available in production mode) i.e. "get all points" in production mode would return all project points minus what you have permanently cleaned in registration modes. Hope the above makes sense.


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