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Question asked by Guest on Apr 9, 2019
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I'm a fabricator, user off Trimble connect, Tekla structures and PowerFab too.

At this point I'm trying to see which application I'm going to use on the company for the pdf's I normally receive from the architects and engineers.

I'm trying to understand how is going to work with pdf's on Trimble connect so I can make a clear decision.

By now what I understand and correct me if I'm wrong Trimble does not have an integrated solution for pdf's. The question I have is: are you working on that and when you think is going to be out. I would like to use one application for all my plans (dwg, dxf, pdf, nc and ifc) but I need from Trimble the following:

1. OCR detection so every mark on plans is going to be linked.  

2. Integrated marking in a different layer off the plan, so if the plan (pdf revision) changes I don't have to redo the marks.

3. A way off comparing diffent version off the pdf's in order off quickly understand the changes.


Are you going to do something like this soon?


Please be free off contacting me.