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Firmware update condor c2626 WNRO

Question asked by Arya B on Apr 16, 2019

Hi All,


We are using the “CondorFWloadingSource2” source in order to firmware update our units. However,  the ROM bootloader doesn’t seem to acknowledge our commands. Please refer to the following figures from our logic analyzer.


Figure 1. Overview of all commands sent and received from Trimble module at start of update.


Figure 2. Initial command sent at 9600 baud to place Trimble module into update mode.


Figure 3. First command sent to the Trimble ROM at 115200 baud.



We start by power cycling the unit and waiting for it boot back up. Then we send “$PMTK180” command to place the unit in update mode (shown in figure 2). There is 500 msec delay (you can see this in the overview figure 1). Then we send one byte hex 0xA0 at 115200 baud (figure 3). At this point we expect a response of hex 0x5F, however, as you can see in figure 1 we never receive anything the unit.


Any help would be appreciate it as we urgently need to update our fleet.